Plastic WW1 German hybrids

Regular readers of my blog will know I like 'mashing up' various ranges of plastic miniatures to create new models - hybrids of the original kits. This time, I've taken the Wargames Atlantic plastic Great War Germans and see where my imagination takes me.

Unmodified models from the Atlantic set.

The Atlantic WW1 Germans come with a myriad of heads, including gasmasks, pickelhaubes and caps, apart from the standard stalhelm. I noticed that their arms were similar to the Warlord Game Winter Germans. I also scoured other kits to see what I could find. That's where the fun begins...

Atlantic heads and bodies with Warlord arms.

Firstly, I tried adding the Warlord winter Germans to the Atlantic Great War minis. The joints where the arms and body meet needed trimming but otherwise they went together well. The arms are a little thicker but passable.

A mixture of arms and heads.

I like to have a large variety of poses with my miniatures, so combining these sets makes sense to me. Now I can have bayoneted and unbayoneted models in my German (or Hungarian WW2) squad.

Chinese and an askari.

I also tried to make some Chinese WW2 troops (Stalhelm from the Blitzkrieg and forage cap from the Heer sets) and a WW1 German Askari (using Handschar heads from the SS sprue). I was happy with the Chinese, less so with the Askari. So can the Atlantic parts be used with Warlord? Of course they can!

Second line German troops. I love the MG08/15!

Here we have some Ersatzheer replacement troops for WW2. Note the MG08/15 used by these reserve troops. Some cutting was required to make the bits fit and I might have to add a tiny bit of Green Stuff to the shoulders.

Suitably sci-fi looking Germans!

Finally, I used the Atlantic gasmask heads, which are GREAT! The same kind of gasmask was used for World War 2, so lends itself to creating German pioneer units (who often advanced under smoke and used gasmasks) or for units for Konflikt 47, which is what I've built here. I've had a lot of fun converting these.




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