The colour out of space

History is easy (thanks for belittling my academic degree there Guy, JO). All the colours are provided for you on a pallete, pretty much. If you need to look up a uniform, a quick google search and you can find a dozen books on the subject (Ospreys being my favourite). ACW Union and Confederate? The Blue and the Grey, easy! Naopleonic Russian? Also easy, just watch War & Peace, although the Osprey will help just as well.   

WIP Russians

‘Space’ or Science Fiction is another matter. There are no ‘set’ rules, no guidelines. You can paint whatever you want, your imagination is the only limit and therein lies the problem! My normal issue with painting is getting the right colour to match what I want. What colour do you use when you have no idea what colour you want to start with? I’ve been specifically struggling with getting the right colours for my Gates of Antares armies, so they look ‘right’ for me!  

The Ghar rule supreme!

Now to be fair to Warlord, the problem lies with my indecision, not with them. They have gone out of their way to give some excellent suggestions for painting, encouraging people to share their painted Isorians and even having an interactive colour chart for Concord.

Andres’ simple Concord scheme.

Our old friend Andres Amian has even a simple colour painting guide for C3 Concord. For the Ghar, they have posted several ideas including examples of people’s painted battlesuits and command crawlers. All very inspirational and plenty of choice… oh darn it!

Mass Effect Colour Scheme

The Concord colour scheme I’ve tried to go for so far, is based on Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. However it’s a little grey… and that may be a problem. In the mean time, my Sci Fi will remain to one side while test models and colour schemes are tried again and again until I find that ‘sweet spot’ I’m looking for. I’ll be blogging about my progress right after I’ve done some Hussar conversions.

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