The Joy of Six

Sunday last, I attended the Joy of Six show in Sheffield. This is a wargames show dedicated purely to 6mm scale (1/300). There were twenty-seven games, all in 6mm!

After a little trouble parking, as the university car park was full, I found somewhere on the street within walking distance for £2 (as it was a Sunday). The venue was at Sheffield University and spread over two large rooms. There was a bring & buy and a cafeteria (as a veteran show goer, you need to get your priorities right!).

Now that's a battle!

The show proved that 6mm can both look amazing and have that 'big battle' look that only 6mm can do so well.  It goes to show that this scale does look very impressive when painted and ranked up. As with all wargames, I believe the scenery is as important as the miniatures.

The games covered all periods - from ancients to science fiction. There were even some 6mm skirmish games, with individual miniatures! I must admit I am impressed by the look of the games, where a brigade of infantry or a squadron of cavalry really look like how I imagine their historical counterparts would be.

I was also invited to attend a seminar with Neil Shuck and Per Broden. This was a question and answer session where members of the public quizzed the panel on various questions. I will post a link when the footage becomes available. In the meantime, here are some links and links from YouTube of the show.

The Joy of Six show is held annually in Sheffield. While I can't attend every year, I can see myself returning in the near future.



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