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There’s much media to consume from Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy this week. First of all, there’s Christy’s weekly Youtube tutorial with a look at Totentanz Miniatures 15mm 30 Years’ War cavalryman.

Second, the 3rd episode, ‘A flocking nightmare’ of the WSS podcast has just been released with a look at terrain, including interviews with the Cigar Box Battles people and Mel the Terrain Tutor. Do let us know how you like the format! You can listen here, or subscribe on iTunes.

Finally, last Friday was the bi-monthly exciting and joyous moment when the cover vignette is delivered to our doors. We decided to try and create a 360-photo so you can take a sneak peek at what’s going to be gracing the cover of issue 87, out at the end of this month (drag left/right with your mouse to rotate the image). We always like David Imrie’s work!

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