WSS Podcast 83 - 'Pretty in pink'

Happy new year! The WSS team is back to consider past, present, and, as befits the timing, the future! Guy has the news, including *gasp* some musings on Games Workshop's upcoming Old World releases. There's an interview with Martin Goddard of Peter Pig, and of course the usual shenanigans.

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I think it’s Guy that at some point mentions that the miniatures for The Old World have been increased in size, which is not, in fact, the case. The miniatures are the same and the same size, for the most part, as they’re bringing back preexisting kits. They increased the base sizes to make ranking up easier, according to GW themselves, and recommend that people with old collections simply use movement trays to adapt if they don’t want to rebase.

Nuno Castilho

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