Issue 130 - Painting Epic ECW cannons

In issue 128 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, Paul Mackay provided a guide to using contrast paints to get great results with Warlord's Epic ECW range. In issue 130 he's back, with even more tips and tricks for painting cavalry. While his original article for this issue included a guide to painting cavalry AND artillery, we ran out of room to cover the later topic in the magazine. Below you'll find Paul's advice for painting your tiny seventeenth-century cannons.

Painting cannons

Using a pin vice, I drilled out all of the cannon’s barrels. All the metal areas on the carriages were painted any black and then dry-brushed with Dawnstone. Carriages themselves could be painted or left as the natural wood. I have provided recipes suitable for both a dark and light wood effect.

The gunners were primarily civilians and so I used similar contrast colours that I have already listed. A couple of notable exceptions: I used Soulblight Grey and Seraphim Sepia for some of the models hats, jackets, shirts, and hats. The former shade paint was highlighted with an off-white and the latter with Ushbati Bone.

Highlights on the carriage are mainly around the wheel rim and are applied sparingly using the side of the brush. Although not necessary, as the contrast paint does an excellent job if used carefully, this stage can really make the carriages pop.

Below are some examples of different colour schemes you can use to paint your cannons, along with the paints you'll need to recreate these examples.

Blood Angels Red highlighted with Fire Dragon Bright. Barrel: Any black lightly dry brushed with Dawnstone.
Flesh Tearers Red highlighted with Wild Rider Red. Barrel: Gunmetal washed with diluted blue/black ink and highlighted with base colour.
Leviadon Blue highlighted with Calgar Blue. Barrel Balthasar Gold washed with Agrax and highlighted with the base colour.
Nazdreg Yellow highlighted with a mix of this colour and ivory. Barrel: Leadbelcher washed with blue/black ink mix and highlighted with the base colour.
Space Wolves Grey highlighted with Grey Seer. Barrel: Retributor Armour washed with burnt umber ink and highlighted with the base colour.
Garaghak’s Sewer highlighted with a mix of this and ivory. Barrel Warplock Bronze.

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