28mm plastic Boxer infantry

After a little delay, Wargames Atlantic has released their promised set of Boxers, ideal for the Yihetuan Movement, or the Boxer rebellion.

The models are in traditional chinese civilian dress with an assortment of ancient and modern weapons, namely four polearms, two large swords, three hand wepons, two M1888 Mannlicher rifles and a 'broomhandle' mauser.

A good selection of heads is provided including, 'mandarin' hat, conical hats, a 'tiger' head, three turbaned heads and five bareheaded with ponytails. 

Apart from the Boxer rising, these will be useful for other Chinese periods from Chinese pirates and Tongs to the Opium Wars and Taiping rebellion. The modern firearms (for 1900 at least) limit their use, but suitable muskets and Martini Henry rifles (suitable for Boxers) can be garnered from spares on the Afghan Warrior sprues.

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