Warlord plastic Afrika Korps

Accompanying the recently reviewed 8th Army plastics, are the Afrika Korps from Warlord Games. They are available as a Starter Army (with plastic and metal support options) or a 30 figure boxed set.The boxed set contains five frames of plastic troops. Each frame has six torsos and an assortment of equipment. There are enough rifles for five models (three held, two shouldered). Also included are two MP40 SMGs, an MG34 LMGs, a Pz 39 anti-tank rifle, a 5cm light mortar and a Luger pistol. Plastic bases are provided as standard.

As with the 8th Army, the models remind me of the old soft plastic Airfix 1/72 and Matchbox 1/76 soldiers. You can recreate poses similar to those old kits.

Heads are provided for the German pith helmet, the Stalheim and the signature Afrika Korps 'forage cap'. I particularly like the 'sandstorm' and 'goggles' heads, prepared for all the desert can throw at them. I can see some of these being appropriated for Konflikt 47 and for Scifi conversions.

These are on the larger side of 28mm, so compatible with larger ranges. The weapons are in line with the newer German sets, with quite large (but more durable) weapons and arms moulded onto weapons for quick assembly.

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