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Ancient History looks at every aspect of the ancient world: you'll find articles covering politics, society, literature, language, religion, economics, and art - all in one single magazine! Like its big brother, Ancient Warfare, Ancient History Magazine is a bi-monthly, 60-page magazine that relies on a thematic approach: each issue is centered around one specific subject. From ancient explorers to Athens in the age of Plato, there's sure to be something for everyone - all presented in a well-researched but accessible, fun manner.

Ancient History magazine

  • Edited by Sandra Alvarez
  • Bi-monthly
  • 60 pages, full-colour
  • Price: €39.95 for a normal one year subscription, €9.50 for a digital subscription, renewed every six months.
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Ancient History Magazine is written for an informed, but casual audience. Our authors regularly discuss and examine the latest scholarship on their given topic – not just the standard, safe analysis. Ancient History Magazine is committed to bringing you the latest in academic research, but in a form you’ll enjoy reading. As part of this commitment to making ancient history accessible, Ancient History Magazine includes sections that explain how scholars know what they know; articles which focus on debunking common myths and misconceptions; and for those looking to explore further, a guide to high-quality books and reading material for each issue's theme.

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The magazine also has more to offer than just well written articles: photographs, diagrams, gorgeous original paintings and other illustrations help bring the ancient world to life. Unlike many general history publications, we strive to avoid the stale, nineteenth-century prints and paintings often used in competitors. Instead, we commission illustrations that are as historically accurate and well-researched as our articles.

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