Editorial plan

Like our other periodicals, Ancient History is not written by in-house editors. We commission articles from expert authors all over the world. Anyone can submit a proposal for an article, either related to a particular theme (see below) or not. If you wish to submit a proposal (title/subtitle, abstract, and a brief biography of yourself), please contact the editor.

Ancient History issue 10

Release: May 2017
Theme: Royalty in the ancient world

This issue deals with the concept of royalty. The historical introduction deals with a discussion of aristocracies in the ancient world and how these were quite different than, for example, aristocracies of the (High) Middle Ages. Articles could cover topics such as the concept of kingship in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian, Homeric basileis, rulers who defied tradition (such as Hatshepsut), the Spartan dyarchy, the role of the empress in the Roman Empire, changing ideas about Roman sole rule (e.g. Diocletian), and so on.

Proposal deadline passed.

Ancient History issue 11

Release: July 2017
Theme: The end of Antiquity

When did the ancient world end and the Middle Ages begin? This issue will try to answer this question. Articles may include material on the troubles experienced during the reign of Marcus Aurelius, the age of the Soldier Emperors, the rise of Christianity, the shift from basilica to church, the division of the empire, developments in art from classical realism to the more abstract medieval art styles.

Proposal deadline passed.

Ancient History issue 12

Release: September 2017
Theme: The arts of Asclepius: medical knowledge in the ancient world

What diseases and afflictions existed in the ancient world, and how were they diagnosed and treated? How were people with (permanent) disabilities or chronic illnesses handled? The historical introduction will deal briefly with the state of medical knowledge in the ancient world. The theme-related articles might then explore topics such Greek and Roman humorism, the importance of blindness, treatment of wounds, Etruscan dentistry, Roman cataract surgery, treatment of lepers, Roman field hospitals, and dwarfism.

Proposal deadline: 1 April 2017

Ancient History issue 13

Release: November 2017
Theme: Pompeii: everyday life in the shadow of Vesuvius

Pompeii was preserved when it was covered by the ash and pumice spewed forth from the Vesuvius when it erupted in AD 79. As such, the archaeological remains offer a unique look at everyday life in the early Roman Empire.

Proposal deadline: 1 June 2017

Ancient History Magazine issue 14

Release: January 2018
Theme: A life in servitude: slaves and serfs in the ancient world

The classical civilizations of Greece and Rome were built, to a large extent, on the efforts of slaves and other non-free labourers (serfs, helots, and so on). How did the slave economy come about? Where did these slaves come from and what rights, if any, did they have? This issue seeks to answer these questions and more, shedding light on a large segment of ancient society that is often ignored.

Proposal deadline: 1 August 2017

Ancient History issue 15

Release: March 2018
Theme: Journey through the Underworld: death and the afterlife in ancient Egypt

When one thinks of ancient Egypt, one probably thinks first and foremost of pyramids (the monumental tombs of divine pharaohs) and mummies. Death looms large when we think of the Egyptians, and this issue is devoted to exploring their ideas regarding death and the afterlife, the underworld, the Book of the Dead, tomb architecture, and more.

Proposal deadline: 1 October 2017

Ancient History issue 16

Release: May 2018
Theme: Mighty Aphrodite! Sex and love in the ancient world

If you visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, there’s one room that is a little off to the side, with a note that it’s intended only for adult visitors. It’s filled with ancient objects and art related to sex and love. Naturally, it’s one of the best visited areas in the museum. This issue of Ancient History Magazine explores the subject in further depth, with articles that will cover ritual prostitution (was that really a thing?), notions of romantic love, courtship and marriage, and so on. (The title, as always, is subject to change!)

Proposal deadline: 1 December 2017

Ancient History issue 17

Release: July 2018
Theme: Ancient Sparta: city of the legendary warriors

Ancient Sparta is renowned for its military prowess, with the male citizens focused entirely on their military training. But when did this system come about? What was the role of women in ancient Sparta? What status did the other inhabitants of Lacedaemonia, the territory of Sparta, have? Were Spartans allowed to kill their helot serfs? What kinds of laws did they have? Why did they worship Athena, when she was also the protector of Athens, Sparta’s big rival? These questions and more will be answered in this issue.

Proposal deadline: 1 February 2018

Ancient History issue 18

Release: September 2018
Theme: The noblest of animals: the horse in the ancient world

Animals were an important part of the ancient world. I intend to devote issues of Ancient History to different animals and what better animal to start with than the horse? This issue will probably include articles on the domestication of the horse, religion and the horse, ancient nomadic peoples (such as the Scythians), the use of the horse in agriculture, transport, and war, and so on.

Proposal deadline: 1 April 2018