About Ancient History Magazine

Ancient History Magazine aims at bringing together what, at least in our view, belongs together: the Graeco-Roman classics and the Near East; archaeology, history, and philology; recent scholarship and readers. The whole ancient world - politics, society, literature, language, religion, economics, and art - in one single magazine!

Like its big brother, Ancient Warfare, Ancient History Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that relies on a thematic approach: each issue is centered around one specific subject, such as exploration, the disastrous reign of the emperor Caracalla, the kingdom of Pergamon, Egypt before the pyramids, Greek athletic contests, or Rome in the archaic age. To the thematic pieces, we add interesting articles on other subjects.

A modern take on ancient history

Ancient History Magazine is written for an informed, but casual audience. Our authors regularly discuss and examine the latest scholarship on their given topic – not just the standard, safe analysis. Ancient History Magazine is committed to bringing you the latest in academic research, but in a form you’ll enjoy reading. Because we want to bring together the result of several disciplines, Ancient History Magazine also offers articles that explain how scholars know what they know.

The magazine also has more to offer than just well written articles: photographs, diagrams, gorgeous original paintings and other illustrations help bring the ancient world to life. Unlike many general history publications, we strive to avoid the stale, repetitive nineteenth-century prints and paintings generally used to illustrate ancient topics. Instead, we commission works from a host of talented artists who can create illustrations that are as historically accurate and well-researched as our articles.

Praise for Ancient History Magazine

Prof. Dr. Klaas A. Worp, member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences, sent us the following note:

Ancient History Magazine looks like an exciting new magazine that explains the world of Antiquity and Ancient Civilizations to a large audience. Karwansaray Publishers manages to transcend the old, historically grown disciplines, and focuses on the core of a subject offering itself to some highlighting and further discussion. While doing so, the editors combine in a natural way the results of archeology, philology, history, and the social sciences. Warmly recommended!

Such praise serves as an inspiration for us!

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