Ancient Warfare Podcast (253): Issue 16.3

The team meet to discuss the latest issue of the magazine: 16.3

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Read about how Dacians have imposed high tribute from romans in the first century ad. Im not an expert but I think dacians were the only who got tribute from roman empire. And then how the daco-romans wars started how Traian came in Dacia with a third of the army of the empire. A third can you imaginate? And of course they defeted the dacians. And they robbed Dacia. That was the pourpose of the campaigne to get the gold from what is today Rosia Montana in Romania. Yeah noboday talks about this but its one of the most interesting conflict romans had. After defeting the dacians Traian has build a columna depicting the wars. Its called Traian’s Columna. It was a big pride for the romans. Yeah you think only western history its interesting. Dacians were the most respected and feared enemy of roman empire. Good luck.

Negrisan George

Hello. My area of expertise is the Rome’s 2nd Punic War with Carthage. My historical novel “Man of Salt, the Story of Marcus Livius Salinator and the Battle of the Metaurus in Hannibal’s War with Rome.” (Amazon) also gives a vivid account of the other major battles. e.g. Lake Trasimene, Cannae, Zama. I would be glad to participate in any podcast about this conflict. FYI, Sir Edward Creasy includes The Battle of the Metaurus in his 1852 seminal work “Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World”. Thank you.

Frank Gugino

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