Books received (March 2015)

Normally, we publish five pages’ worth of reviews in every issue of Ancient Warfare. Most of the time, publishers (and sometimes authors) send us new books directly that I then pass on to reviewers who I think might be interested in reading them. But I think perhaps a better way to get book reviews is to simply publish which titles I’ve received and then let people who are interested in reviewing them contact me directly.

So here’s a list of the books that I’ve been fortunate enough to have received lately and which are, at the time of this writing, available for review:

  • Philip Matyszak, Cataclysm 90 BC: The Forgotten War that Almost Destroyed Rome (Pen & Sword 2014) - gone!
  • Christa Steinby, Rome versus Carthage: The War at Sea (Pen & Sword 2014) - gone!
  • Adrian Coombs-Hoar, Eagles in the Dust: The Roman Defeat at Adrianople AD 378 (Pen & Sword 2015) - gone!
  • Sean McGrail, Early Ships and Seafaring: European Water Transport (Pen & Sword 2014) - gone!
  • John D. Grainger, The Rise of the Seleucid Empire, 323-223 BC (Pen & Sword 2014) - gone!
  • Eve MacDonald, Hannibal: A Hellenistic Life (Yale University Press 2015) - gone!
  • Hilary and John Travis, Roman Helmets (Amberley 2014) - gone!

If there’s a book in that list that you would like to review, feel free to send me an email. Please explain briefly why you want to review the book in question and why you think you’re qualified to give us your opinion.

You don’t get paid for a review, but the upside is that you get to keep the book that we sent you. Reviews should generally be between ca. 400 and 1200 words in length, with an average of around 650 words (about one page in the magazine), though the length of the review is also dependent on the nature of the book.

The deadline for reviews is usually about two months after having received the book.

Update: all books are gone! Thanks for your interest. I’ll publish another blog post once I’ve received a new collection of books to review.

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