Podcast Episode (229): Christmas Recommendations

With the holiday season almost upon us, the Ancient Warfare Magazine team discuss new books released in 2022, old and new documentaries that are now available on streaming services and throw in a couple of audiobook suggestions for good measure! Links (not quite a comprehensive list of all the media mentioned in the show)


Adrienne Mayor, Greek Fire, Poison Arrows, and Scorpion Bombs: Unconventional Warfare in the Ancient World (2022)

Conor Whately, A Sensory History of Ancient Warfare: Reconstructing the Physical Experience of War in the Classical World, (2022)

Murray Dahm, Hunnic Warrior vs Late Roman Cavalryman: Attila's Wars AD 440–53 (2022)

Josiah Osgood, Uncommon Wrath: How Caesar and Cato's Deadly Rivalry Destroyed the Roman Republic (2022)

MC Bishop, Roman Plate Armour (2022) Peter Stothard, Crassus: The First Tycoon (2022)

Raffaele D'Amato, Post-Roman Kingdoms: ‘Dark Ages' Gaul & Britain, AD 450–800: 248 (2023)

Raffaele D'Amato, Roman Army Units in the Eastern Provinces (2): 3rd Century AD (2022)

William Horsted, British Celtic Warrior vs Roman Soldier: Britannia AD 43–105 (2022)


Stephen Fry, Troy: The Siege of Troy Retold

Tony Robinson, Odysseus: The Greatest Hero of them All

 Film & TV

Barbarians (2020 - )

In search of the Trojan War (1985)

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great (1998)

On Hannibal's Trail (2010)

Secrets of the Dead (2000 - )

Spartacus (1960)

Scipione l'africano (1937)

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