Shipping rates updated

Don't worry, this is not a blog about postage rates going up, quite the opposite!

Books and magazines have the unfortunate tendency - especially the latter - to be relatively cheap and fairly heavy. Heavy means hefty postage costs, which is something everyone prefers to avoid. Add to that the fact that most of our mail leaves the Netherlands as international post, and you can do the math...

There's a limit to the amount of shipping we can absorb, so this summer we took the big step to outsource our shipping. Since July 1st, almost all back issue orders have been fulfilled by our partner in the UK. That means a considerable part of our mail stays within country, and, as our new partner is part of a huge postal processor, the shipping rates have generally come down substantially, especially for smaller orders. Mail is sometimes sent via unexpected routes, which can take slightly longer than before. But it gets there just fine in the end.

If you ordered since July, you have already enjoyed better rates. Today we've overhauled our postage rates again for (almost) all countries worldwide, with pleasant results in many cases. If our shop displayed apparently outrageous shipping estimates for your order, that's most likely now been fixed.

Want to know how much the shipping of your chosen items is going to cost? The cart page will show you the exact rate based on your country and cart contents. Sorry, it's not free (unless you buy more than €100 worth of books and magazines in one go, that is), but it's much better than it used to be.

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