Votes are in for volume IX

Last month, I asked you to vote on themes for five issues of the ninth volume of Ancient Warfaremagazine. Several hundred of you responded to this call and I can now tell you the results of the poll.

For volume IX, the following themes “won” the poll:

  • The Theban Hegemony
  • War in Anatolia
  • The First Punic War
  • Hellenistic Soldier
  • The Aftermath of Battle

The theme for issue IX.1, “Fall of Rome”, had already been decided before the poll went live (usually, the theme for the first issue tends to be fixed). I have updated the editorial plan. Have a look to see the deadlines for each of the new themes and feel free to send me your proposals.

A few themes that didn’t make the cut did prove to be popular nonetheless and will probably be included in the poll for volume X next year. These are “The Sword”, “Etruscan Warfare”, and “Ptolemaic Egypt”. “The Peloponnesian War” scored highly again, but was beaten by “The Theban Hegemony”; I have therefore decided to pick this theme for the first issue of volume X.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

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