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Are wargamers getting older?

Let's have a look at the ever popular 'is the hobby greying' question. Caveat/disclaimer first - any kind of answer to this question requires comparing the results of previous surveys. With this particular question, that has a built-in issue: we know that a very substantial number (some 30-40% of respondents, depending on the survey) took part in one or more previous editions of the survey. Evidently, that group by the simple passage of time is going to get older. So a slight ageing is built-in to the survey. Second, the generation that spends much time online and is likely to take the survey, is slowly getting older as well.

That said, here's a 3D graph I made in Excel from the results of 2015 (front), 2016 and 2017 (back).

Age groups, 2015-2017 (click to enlarge)

To be very honest, I'm not sure if there are significant differences. Yes, 2015 seems a bit 'younger' overall, 2016 has a slightly stronger 'middle age' section and overall the 50+ groups get a bit bigger every year. But the differences aren't very large. There's just a bit of variety. I'm asking some analytical help though, to see if the differences between the years are statistically significant. Possibly TBC!

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