A year in review... and looking ahead!

Medieval World: Culture & Conflict launched a year ago!! And what a year it has been, filled with fruitful and creative collaborations among our authors, artists, and staff, and the opportunity to bring the Middle Ages to all. 

The magazine was designed to expand on the contents of the popular Medieval Warfare magazine, which ceased with issue XI.6 (check out all the back issues here). But it was also designed to pick up where its sister magazines – Ancient Warfare and Ancient History – leave off.

We have already published 6 issues of this new magazine! They have featured various aspects of the rich history and material culture of the Middle Ages – broadly conceived geographically and temporally  – through short, well-researched, and beautifully illustrated articles. We have covered the Holy Roman Empire at the end of the Middle Ages in MWCC.1, the history and culture of medieval Kyivan Rus and modern Ukraine in MWCC.2, the role of women in the Middle Ages in MWCC.3, how people protected their communities in MWCC.4, the diverse and vibrant medieval culture of Sicily in MWCC.5, and the world of Louis IX of France in MWCC.6. With varied themes and complementary special columns, these initial issues of the magazine have covered content from across Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as other corners of the medieval world, including China, Japan, and India, among others. You can find an overview of all the content published to date here

And we have more exciting issues planned ahead! The next issue will focus on medieval mysteries, followed by issues on early Byzantium, travels and games in the Middle Ages, medieval Spain, Charles IV, and much more. You can follow our editorial plan here, and, if you have recommendations or wish to contribute, please be in touch. 

We hope you will continue to appreciate the excellent content we publish, and the ways in which we aim to bring the history and material culture of the Middle Ages to life. The articles will continue to be richly illustrated with images of sites and objects from collections around the world, as well as original maps, drawings, and paintings. 

The magazine is published bi-monthly both in print and online, and distributed worldwide. SUBSCRIBE to receive this amazing magazine every two months, beginning with the upcoming issue on "Medieval Mysteries"! 

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