A year in review... and looking ahead!

It is that time of year again, when we prepare for the holiday season and reflect on the year that is wrapping up. 

2023 saw a full run of Medieval World: Culture & Conflict (after the redesign in spring 2022 from the former Medieval Warfare). We have featured some exciting themes and topics, ranging from Sicily, Louis IX, medieval mysteries, and more! 

Here are this year's issues of the magazine: 

Although I have enjoyed working on all the issues, my favorite from this past year would have to be MWCC.7, which covered several enticing mysteries of the Middle Ages, ranging from the Voynich manuscript to the Shroud of Turin, and more. 


We are now working on MWCC.10, which will cover Benedictine monasticism in the Middle Ages - stay tuned!

In addition to the theme-related content, the 2023 issues of MWCC included special columns on medieval myths and legens (by various authors), medieval heraldry (by Robert Jones), and medieval recipes (by Manon Henzen). Robert will continue writing for the magazine, but Manon will not, so the recipes column will be replaced with new content in the new year. If you have suggestions for special content that we should consider or if you would like to contribute to this publication, please let us know

In the New Year, you can also expect to see the “Reviews” column as a staple feature of the magazine. This was recently introduced in order to highlight exciting new publications focused on the history, art, and culture of the Middle Ages. We welcome recommendations for books to be reviewed, as well reviewers who may wish to share their insights in this new section of the magazine. 

As we look ahead to 2024, we are excited to continue creating this amazing magazine intended to bring the Middle Ages to all. We have several themes in the works, including one on Charles IV of Bohemia, medieval festivals, the exciting and threatening events of the year 1492, trade and conflict in the Baltic, and one focused on the reopening of Notre-Dame de Paris, just to name a few. You can always check back for updates to the lineup on our “Editorial Plan” page. And do not hesitate to be in touch with proposals for any of these themes, or suggestions for the special columns. We are eager to hear from our readers and authors! 

And speaking of readers and authors, we hope you have enjoyed reading Medieval World: Culture & Conflict this past year, and you will continue to do so in 2024. Don't miss any of the upcoming issues! Subscription details for print and digital versions of the magazine are available on our website. 

We wish you all a happy holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous 2024!

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