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We have a lot of great articles that are being prepared for future issues of Medieval Warfare, and we wanted to share a little bit about them with you. We have a wide variety of writers for the magazine, and the topics even more so. Here are five articles you will soon see in our magazine: The Battle of Marj Dabiq and the end of the Mamluk Sultanate, by Adam Ali On August 24, 1516, the armies of the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Sultanate clashed on the plain of Marj Dabiq, north of the city of Aleppo. Adam Ali tells us about how this became such a s decisive battle and the huge impact it made for sixteenth-century geopolitics. English record-keeping and the Hundred Years' War, by Ilana Krug  While many historians focus on chronicles when discussing medieval warfare, there is also invaluable information contained within many different kinds of administrative documents that clarify details of events, as well as provide organizational or logistical specifics about the various campaigns. Ilana Krug takes a looks at a set of documents that detail the Battle of Crecy and Siege of Calais in the 1340s. William of Tyre’s Twelfth Century Art of War: Military Strategy in the Historia Ierosylmitana, by Trevor J. Davis William of Tyre’s Historia Ierosylmitana is the pre-eminent account of events in the Near East from the end of the First Crusade to the final decades of the twelfth century. Trevor J. Davis looks at how the chronicler sought to convey political, military, and religious lessons that he believed were of the utmost importance to his reader. The Bristol Rebellion, 1312-1316, by Robin A. McCallum The story of how a dispute between the town’s inhabitants for control of the civic government escalated into a rebellion against royal authority. Trial by Combat in Late Medieval London, by Jacob Henry Deacon A look at Philip Treher, a man hired by the crown to prepare appellants and defendants for trial by combat on no less than three occasions between 1446 and 1453. We're always looking for more articles to be included in Medieval Warfare. Some of the areas we are especially interested are is battles and campaigns in Eastern Europe, pieces related to important medieval texts, and articles that tell the story of individuals who lived and fought during the Middle Ages. If you have ideas on pieces you could write, send me an email at

Top Image: An Ottoman depiction of the Battle of Marj Dabiq.

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