The second issue of Medieval World looks at Kyivan Rus

Kyivan Rus – the largest kingdom by territory in all of medieval Europe  had a complex history and vibrant cultural heritage. The region expanded over large parts of modern Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, among other Eastern European countries. The heart of that medieval kingdom – the city of Kyiv – is today the capital of Ukraine.

The current war in Ukraine has brought international attention to that part of Europe, and increased interest in the history of the region. 

The current issue of Medieval World: Culture & Conflict demonstrates how expansive and well-connected Kyivan Rus was in the Middle Ages. The region developed at the crossroads of Byzantium and the medieval West, with moments of intense interactions with the Mongols as well, especially in the thirteenth century. 

The theme-related articles in the current issue, written by leading scholars, include:

• Christian Raffensperger, “The Medieval Kingdom of Kyivan Rus: Expansive and Well-Connected,” 14-22.
• Mike Markowitz, “The Coinage of Kyivan Rus: Byzantine Models and Local Adaptations,” 23.
• Adrian Jusupović, “Bookmen, Scribes, and Literates: Writing in Rus between 1000-1400,” 24-27.
• Donald Ostrowski, “The Mongol Campaigns in Rus in 1252: Searching for the Kniaginia,” 28-35.
• Özlem Eren, “A Cathedral and Its Patron: Yaroslav the Wise and Saint Sophia in Kyiv,” 36-39.
• Charles J. Halperin, “Kyivan Rus and the Mongols: Hostility and Accommodation,” 40-43.
• Monica White, “Protective Warriors: Military Saints from Byzantium to Rus,” 44-47.

The "Further Reading" section at the end lists other key books, articles, and reference works on the history, art, and culture of Kyivan Rus.

In addition to the theme-related content, the current issue of the magazine features articles on the political, social, and military roles of women in medieval India, Italian woodwork, the lives of medieval monks, spices in the Middle Ages, and the castles of Edward I at Caernarfon and Beaumaris.

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