1940 CAMPAIGN FRENCH - PART 10: Enter The Dragon(s)!

By Chris King
Amidst the inevitable pile of other projects currently on the go(!) I recently finished another significant batch of WW2 French. Today, I present the bulk of my dismounted Dragons Chasseurs.
I say 'Dismounted' because these models will be doubling-up as both motorcycle Chasseurs (note the helmets) and lorry-mounted Dragons Portes [please forgive the lack of accent as we migrate to new blog software!] with a dozen or so more Dragons Portes models - and support teams - soon to join them.
As these photos are a little over-exposed, some of the troops look a little pasty(!) but the models themselves are gorgeous in real life.
These are all from Crusader Minis, via friend of the magazine Nick at North Star, and I really enjoy their poses - they're sturdy yet expressive; the balance is just right. 
Next up, a handful of French vehicles, including the Laffly S20T trucks for les Dragons Portes to ride in!

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