A whisper in the darkness

I’ve been a fan of the works of HP Lovecraft for as long as I can remember (so that’ll be last week then!). I think it must have been the role-playing game ‘Call of Cthulhu’ that really opened my eyes to Lovecraft and his distinct brand of horror. Now I’d collected a few models and even got a copy of Strange Aeons (a good game if you ever get the chance to play it).

The Fungi from Yuggoth

While I was randomly flicking through the internet for gaming news, I spotted a new Kickstarter by RAFM for the new edition of Call of Cthulhu. For the second time in my life, I succumbed to a Kickstarter. So I duly paid the amount and arranged for it to be delivered to a friend in Canada back in January 2014. They had some special characters for ‘The Fungi from Yuggoth’ campaign and I had dreams of having painted sets for my players to wander round…

RAFM Kickstarter

A year passed and nothing showed. My local roleplaying group decided to give Cthulhu a go, and so we started playing ‘The Fungi from Yuggoth’ campaign last October. A year later, we finally finished the campaign. Many an investigator had been driven mad or badly mutilated and several killed in its course, but the world had been saved from the evil machinations of the Brotherhood!

Characters for Fungi from Yuggoth

Guess what arrived a month before the campaign finished? I finally received my parcel. It was delivered to my friend Mike Evans (AKA Mr Relic, in Canada) in July and took a while to get to me! Only two and a half years…

Finally here!

So do I regret my initial enthusiasm? Do I have ‘Kickstarter Buyer’s Regret’? A little, but they put in extras to my pledge as it was late. Now I have a whole pile of Cthulhu ‘gribbly’ monsters and investigators - to unpack and individually paint… err… maybe I didn’t think this through! Mind you, there’s a fair bit of lead there. I’ll do a future blog on unpacking it all.

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