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It has been a long time since my last blog, when I reviewed the Judge Dredd Miniature Game rulebook. In the long months that followed I was busy with a whole bunch of stuff, but sadly not a lot of painting and gaming. However, today is the perfect day to inform you of my goings-on, because it is the official Day of Dredd, a special campaign to make the Dredd (2012) movie sequel happen.

For my Saga Viking army there were numerous gamers with terrain and armies, so a game was quickly arranged at one of the Dutch Miniature Wargaming meetings. This was not the case with the Judge Dredd Miniature game. And starting a new game from scratch is a lot of work, especially when you do not know any other people who play. But I was determined and I think it paid off!

Walter (Warlord/Mongoose), Dredd (Foundry), Dredd (Warlord/Mongoose), Dredd 2 (Foundry)Dredd (Foundry)Dredd and Walter (Warlord/Mongoose)First of all, let’s have a look at the miniatures that can be used for the game. The guys from Mongoose/Warlord produce the official miniatures for the game and the kindly gave me a sample of their wares. They come in a variety of packages, from single figures to boxed sets. The miniatures are very nice and are specific to a gang or force from the rulebook. However, there are always alternatives. The 2000AD range from Wargames Foundry for example! Although the miniatures are slightly bigger in comparison to the Warlord / Mongoose range, but you get a very detailed character that can function as a hero unit that will stand out from the minions in your force. If you want to make a Megacity One diorama, the Foundry figures are a great choice as well; their slightly bigger scale just gives you that little extra detail you might be looking for. So, if you do not mind the scale difference they are a very cool alternative to the Warlord Games miniatures.

Now for somethConverted Banner ApeSimian Supremacistsing crazy I did with some figures I picked up on a whim at Ainsty Castings, The Apes Command Pack. It is a unique character pack, rather than a troop set containing very similar looking figures. It turns out that my impulse-buy turned out to be useful after all; Megacity One has all kinds of weird citizens, including genetically engineered apes. I wanted to create a certain theme that set them apart from the regular ape gangs provided by the rulebook. The military feel of the figures provided me with the perfect look for my gang: WW2 Wehrmacht. With a bit of background story on how these apes don’t like humans very much, the Simian Supremacists were born. With the use of some plasticard modifications here and there, the figures fitted my needs. The painting scheme I used for the Simian Supremacists tries to emulate feldgrau of the WW2 Wehrmacht uniforms. I added a few red accents to make it look more futuristic.

Don’t forget to support our favourite grizzly lawman of the future today, by buying, streaming, re-watching Dredd (2012). And if you are really in favour of a sequel, sign the petition!

I will join you all again soon with more tales from Megacity One and other wargaming adventures. For now, keep your heads down and obey the law!

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