Bolt Action British Para Boxed Set 28mm

Warlord British parasTally ho! Bolt Action released boxed sets of British and German Paras. They have revamped their ranges from packs of four into boxed sets of squads which can be bought ‘off the shelf’.Inspired by the German successes with Airborne troops, the British Paras were formed on the orders of Winston Churchill and at first performed sabotage and raid missions. After the near disastrous Operation Husky in Sicily, the Paras fought bravely on D Day, at Arnhem and crossing the Rhine. They were dropped into the target area by either glider or by parachute. After their initial drop, they often served as frontline regular ground troops, which unfortunately had the effect of greatly reducing their numbers.

The Red Devils boxed set consists of 19 miniatures giving a command squad, a 10 man squad, a Vickers HMG and a PIAT team. These make the ideal starters for a Para force, adding additional squads or support weapons as preferred later.

These are Bolt Action at their finest; the models themselves are excellent quality. The miniatures had some flash but this was easily dealt with. The box is priced at £25.00, which is pretty good value for the amount of miniatures. This makes an ideal starter for a Paratroop or Glider force or a useful addition to an existing army. Size wise, they are 28mm from foot to eye, so compatible with the vast majority of ranges. Recommended.

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