Getting Back Into the Saddle Again. Again.

Happy Easter, Readers! When I was preparing myself and clearing the decks for the recent Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, I looked back at the log I keep of every building and painting project undertaken and I was utterly horrified to discover that... ...and this is a shameful thing to admit... ...I hadn't actually painted anything since the end of the previous painting challenge, almost nine months before! Shock! Horror! Now, I have learnt not to put too much pressure on myself with respect to the hobby, so I didn't beat myself up for this glaring oversight; nor had I been idle during those nine months, as I had built and written and playtested and planned and crafted in the meantime, in addition to being busy with Normal Life and Family, but it did make me realise something: If I don't get back into my hobby painting again swiftly, I put myself at risk of doing the same damned thing again through 2022! To this end, I'm pleased to announce that I have forced myself to hop aboard the painting train once more. I've still got a number of 1940 French units to paint, but to help 'mix it up' a bit, I've already embarked upon painting something both bigger and smaller: Warlord Games' Epic Black Powder Waterloo British. Bloomin' thousands of them... ...because someone has to take on the Editor's dastardly Napoleonic French, yes? Oui.

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