Fighting Fantasy - what do YOU think?

WOW! What a response to my last blog. Nearly 50 people replied on Facebook, over 5000 people reached and several offline messages. Amazing! Thank you all for letting us know your thoughts. That will help us greatly in our future planning for the magazine. Our original remit was “anything on this earth” but it’s clear this needs a little tweaking.

Fantasy Dwarves in WS&S?

The majority of the replies were a positive; yes, we should include more Fantasy and Sci Fi but with a strong caveat - don’t go too far. You like what we do and we have no intention of endagering your enjoyment. We may in future possibly have an article per issue or the odd special (with strong historical content elsewhere in the magazine) but we’ll be keeping the main theme historical.

Holy moley Gnatman! (from WSS 67).

This feedback is very useful, as it fits with what we’d discussed, probably no more than 3-4 pages per issue but open the reviews to what we think, you our readers, would find interesting. We will maintain the balance of articles, which is what makes the magazine interesting. There’ll just be a little more room for Sci Fi and Fantasy.

More traditional WS&S content. Battlegroup Blitzkrieg.

Although all of your replies were useful, two replies stood out:

Richard M said: “You should include some non historical articles, however the mag should still focus on historicals but treat the fantasy/scifi as another era. I.E. Taken over a year or so you would see a similar number of articles on them when compared to say dark age or WW2.”

Piers B said: “It’s another gaming genre just as valid as any other wargaming period. I can’t stand Naps, but I don’t expect it to not be featured, nor would I expect two periods as wide and encompassing as Sci Fi and fantasy to not be featured. It’s all part of the same hobby… there all pushing toy soldiers around.”

Trojan War - fantasy, historical or both?

We shall take all of your advice the heart. So historical gamers, do not fear. The magazine’s main focus will still be strongly on historicals as it always has been. There may be the odd Sci Fant scenario, but hopefully you should find this as well-written and interesting as the rest of the magazine, even if it’s not your cup of tea. It might even be adaptable to historical rulesets. 

Thanks again to all who repiled and thanks to Piers for providing some photos for this blog.

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