First look at "Operation Squad"

Operation Squad is a newly released game for squad sized World War 2 actions. So what do you get for your money? 48 full colour pages, all of which is very well presented. While primarily aimed at 28mm miniatures, these rules could easily be adapted for scales from 20mm to 54mm.

The mechanisms are very individualistic; actions for models are declared and counter-reactions by the enemy (for up to three miniatures a side). Then the initiative sequence is determined for each action and each one acted upon in order. This means a miniature may be able to run across an empty square before the enemy has chance to shoot or is caught in the open without any protection. Shot resolution is simple with one roll of dice (with dice added or subtracted for difficulty) to determine suppression, wounds or a kill. This gives a very good feel for a real skirmish action but we feel would struggle with anything larger than a section in action. Individual weapon characteristics are included and some special abilities. Five scenarios are included. Counters are used to indicate an individual model’s status. There are no vehicle rules (yet) but WS&S hears that some are planned. Army lists are provided for American, German, British and Russian forces with additional lists available A full “let’s play” playthrough will be in issue 54. Available in the UK through Caliver Books and Warlord Games.

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