Four Feathers

It is all Rossco’s fault… all of it… Or Kipling’s… I can’t decide who is more responsible!

In the past, the Brixham Berserkers have been very successful at uniting the club around a single project. There’s been WW2 in various forms, Dead Man’s Hand, Vikings, American Civil War and Bloodbowl to name a few. There’s no doubt about it, club projects have generally been a very good thing - uniting gamers with a common goal. Of course there’s been the odd failure as well. I tried to get the club into the Napoleonic Ligny project without much success - I blame the amount of uniform piping involved!

Some cool Mahdists.

So what could get the club fired up and united behind a new common project? Something we’d all be interested in: The Sudan! Brave British tommies in khaki fighting fanatical Fuzzy Wuzzies, with a little help from the Egyptians. I feel it’s a good period as the British didn’t get it all their own way. And of course, there’s been the recent Perry release of plastic British Infantry as well as the exisiting plastic Sudanese Ansar. I’m sure that helped…

Who remembers Nelson’s Red Sea Rifles from WSS 64? 

It is without doubt a colourful and interesting period. I expect there to be a flourish of uniform guides being bought and I’ve already been asked for my copy of Go strong into the desert - that book was just back in after being ‘on loan’ to a friend for 9 months. We haven’t decided on rules yet. My preferred option would be Black Powder, but then my friend Mark Backhouse has had much success with Triumph and Tragedy. We’ll be looking at others too - suggestions are most welcome. 

Sudanese armour.

I was hoping to steer the Berzerkers towards the 2nd Anglo Afghan war and the battle of Maiwand, but sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow. Besides, I have a love of converting plastics (I know, regular readers will be falling off their chairs in surprise now), so I will have fun with these. I’m already considering converitng some Gripping Beast plastic Arab cavalry to Mahdists. The best news is everyone is chipping in with each member painting up units for both sides. Let the crazyness begin!

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