Hybrid British

I’ve been doing a general stock-take and tidy-up at home, attempting to make my wargames collection more organised. In fact, there’s a danger that, coming to the end of this autumn clean-up, I might know where half my stuff is! In this grand melee of confusion, I found (ok, perhaps uncovered is a better description) some untouched Victrix and Perry British Napoleonic sprues. This made me think about combining them, as some gamer friends of mine have been discussing playing Quatre Bras next year.

Unconverted Perry command.

Regular blog readers will know I’m a fan of blending different ranges. With plastics, I like combining sets to make unique hybrid models. Would my recent Victrix and Perry finds match up and combine ok?

Perry bodies with Victrix arms and heads.

The answer is an unambiguous, yes, they are a close match - which makes them ideal for converting. Both have the arms attached vertically at the shoulders and the heads attach via a ‘neck socket’ to the main body. The only real difference is the backpack, Victrix figures have their canteen and ammo pouch as part of the main body, while Perrys are on the backpack.

Victrix bodies with Perry parts.

I also had a dabble in swapping Perry and Victrix heads with the Warlord plastics. The Warlord British are all in marching poses, so there’s not much room for conversion. However, there is some!

Victrix and Warlord with Perry heads.

However, you can cut the heads at the neck and mount a fresh head from the other sets (nothing wrong with the ones they have, I just tried this for variety). The backpacks are very similar to the Perry ones - in fact, they are almost interchangeable.

Victrix heads and arms added to Perry bodies.

I highly recommend hybrid plastics, as they’ll add unique miniatures to your army. For my own collection, I’ll be adding in metal miniatures as well to my finished infantry stands for even more variety in units. I guess I’m just not a fan of regimented units of identical miniatures… Converting is always fun, don’t be afraid to give it a go.

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