Just in - Victrix Typhoon and Stuka

This week a box arrived containing the latest reviews for WSS Magazine - a set of the new Victrix planes. These are the Hawker Typhoon and the Stuka ground attack aircraft. 

Victrix boxed sets.

Congratulations are in order to Victrix for these planes. They are very impressive. Each box contains three 1/100 scale aircraft, each with its own adjustable flight stand. While designed as wargames pieces, the detail is very good - as much as you’d get on your standard model aircraft kit.

Box contents

Construction was straightforward, the Stuka only has six steps. The kit fits together like a glove - I’ve built tens of aircraft kits in my misspent youth and this was a breeze. Even the struts for the tail slotted into place logically - such features on other kits in the past these have caused much cursing and swearing! The stands are terrific - giving the wargamer an adjustable height (from 20cms to 40cms in height) and on a ball and socket joint so Gamers can model their planes turning or diving. In fact, I can see people buying boxes just for the stands. 

Victrix Flight Stand

A full painting guide is provided along with transfers for each of the planes.There’s even a choice of propellors with the Typhoon and a choice of wheels with the Stuka.

Victrix Plane on ball mount

While primarily aimed at the 15mm market, Flames of War and the Battlegroup games series (there’s also rumours that Victrix are planning their own aerial combat set), I can see these being useful for almost any 15mm plus game with air support. Bolt Action for example…

Victrix plane in level flight.

My only gripe? I’d have liked the Stuka to have bombs but I’m sure Victrix will do the earlier version sooner or later.

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