Konflikt 47

Konflikt 47
The latest rules release from Warlord Games is Konflikt 47, a complete and self contained Weird World War 2 wargames set of rules. So what’s this new game all about? Set in an alternate World War, the conflict still rages on into the year 1947. Using new super weapons and forbidden science, Germany has stemmed the Allied advances in 1944. In response, the Allies developed their own ‘super weapons’. Meanwhile, Soviet Russia and the Western Powers have split their alliance, falling out over the sharing of new technology. Thus, a three way struggle for the world ensues. 

Konflikt 47 front cover

So it’s just Bolt Action then?

Well, not quite. While it uses the first edition Bolt Action rules as a basis, there are a number of changes and, obviously, quite a few new units. The core mechanism is the same, there are extra rules for Combat Walkers (tanks with legs), zombies & weird science beasts, heavy armoured infantry and new ‘super’ weapons, such as the ‘T’ Tesla Gun. 

The Sherman M4A9 T (Tesla)

Each side in the conflict has its own unique weapons and vehicles. Germany and the Soviet Union have dabbled in genetic manipulation while Britain has developed automated infantry. While the Allies have their Tesla cannon (good against both infantry and vehicles), Germany has the Gravity Pulse cannon (it gets better against more heavily armoured targets) and the Soviets have a sonic projector, capable of stunning everything in its path. The great thing is you can still use a standard Bolt Action force or add some weird war elements to an existing army. 

Soviet ‘Mammoth’ combat walker. 

The weird war elements are reflected very well in the rules. For example, combat walkers have some advantages in manoeuverability and in armour (there are no bonuses for shooting at them from the side or rear), but they are not amazing. The special rules for heavy infantry and other weird war units makes them tough, but they are still vulnerable to ordinary weapons. In short: The ‘super’ weapons are great but they do not supersede exiting weaponry - each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. A good balance is maintained throughout, so a standard 1945 US army could go head to head with a dedicated Konflikt 47 army and not be at a too severe disadvantage.  

Spinne Light Panzermech

The rules themselves have been cleaned up, but don’t contain some of the revised elements that will be found in Bolt Action 2, which is curious. Also some areas, namely the six original scenarios, are simplified repeats of the original rules - but this is understandable as they are necessary to make Konflikt 47 a stand alone ruleset. 

M8 Grizzly Walker

All together, Konflikt 47 takes the tried and tested Bolt Action system and gives it an interesting twist, combining the best elements of ‘Weird War’ gaming. Army lists are provided for Germany, the US, Great Britain and Soviet Russia. 

  • Author: Chris Hayle
  • Publisher: Warlord Games, Clockwork Goblin, Osprey Games
  • Price: £30.00
  • Pages: 208-page full colour hardback
  • System: Dice-based Initiative
  • Dice: D6

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