New Year Resolutions

The coming of a new year traditionally brings the New Year’s Resolutions. This is when Gym memberships are taken out, cigarettes are put aside and we all solemnly promise eat less and do more. How many of these promises will last the month, let alone to December 2016? I am a little wary of the traditional idea of Resolutions. Why do we wait until New Year’s when we usually  know what we should be doing all aong anyway? Also do we need to beat ourselves up when something doesn’t go to plan or can we have the strength to reassess and start our resolutions afresh - never mind what date it is? 

I’ve had a few resolutions running for a while now. Looking back at my blog post from last New Year’s is quite interesting. I had six resolutions - so how well have I done in 2015? Let’s see…

(Resolution 1) To try and improve each issue of WS&S and (Resolution 2) To keep experimenting with new articles in WS&S

Things have been going very well this year for WS&S on the whole. I’m happy the direction we’ve taken and feedback from you, our readers, has been most useful. However this is not a time to rest on our laurels. The recent revamp of the interior is excellent (at least in my opinion, what do you think of the new layout?). 

WSS 82 the latest issue.

We admittedly could do with experimenting more with articles. What we’ve done instead is tightening up what we have, ensuring out themes have a strong common narrative for example (I’m particularly proud of our last two issues, Condottieri and Desert War).  

I also believe we’ve improve both the mix and balance of articles in WS&S but am always eager to listen to feedback. Do you think we have the right balance or mix of articles? If not, how would you improve it? 

(Resolution 3) To improve my painting technique 

I’ve been menaning to devote more time to my hobby - it’s strange as you’d think that being a wargames magazine editor that I’d spend my time purely wargaming. On the gaming side I mostly do - although it’s typically playtesting the latest game for the magazine rather than any specific interest of mine. The painting side truly suffers - I’ve not met my target of spending 45 minutes in the average day painting and shifting some of that lead and plastic mountain. While the techniques have improved, I’d like to devote more time to it, maybe even that planned three quarters of an hour. The Analogue Painting Challenge is certainly helping me to get back into the routine of brushes, pallete and water.

Some of my painting from 2015.

(Resolution 4) Improve my timekeeping

While there is still work to do here, this has for the most part improved. There is still more work to do, particularly if I’m to find time for keeping fit and painting,

(Resolution 5) To lose weight

I’ve lost a little weight (a stone and a half) but I know I need to lose quite a bit more before I meet my ideal height for weight. Some four years ago, I was thin and enjoying being more active. Somewhere along the line I regressed due to stress back into old eating habits. I am eating more healthily but need to get more exercise.

(Resolution 6) To blog more often 

Now here I can say there’s been a definite improvement, with almost two blogs a week on average. Hopefully they’ve been interesting too. 

I’m sticking with these resolutions for 2016. How have your new year’s resolutions gone? What new ones do you have for the new year?

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