Project Platoon

We at the WS&S offices decided we needed a group project - something we could all do and contribute to with a realistic time-scale of a few months. Thus ‘Project Platoon’ was born. The principle is simple: take an era from history, make up armies for that period and then, as a group, try them out with varous sets of rules.

As the name of our project implies, we decided to begin with a look at the modern period, specifically World War Two.

Taking part in this project are:

  • Jasper, Karwansaray’s Editor in Chief a.k.a. the boss - a very good, but slow painter, meticulous in detail. His goal will be to get a platoon finished with as many support options as possible, to the high standards he demands, and on time.
  • Christy, WS&S’ marketing and media manager - another excellent painter. This is her first non-Ancient army, so she’s starting from scratch. Christy will be looking at what it’s like as a beginner to build her army. And she might add some terrain as well.
  • Mark, regular contributor extraordinaire - a whirlwind when it comes to projects, we’re expecting him to finish first. He’s set himself the task of doing his army on a budget.
  • Guy, the charming public face of WS&S (me!) - I can paint ok, to wargames standard. My goal will be to produce a ‘magazine standard’ platoon and generally improve my painting.

We will also be joined by two members of my local games club the Brixham Berserkers, Paul Birkin and Casey Vandenberg.

Next time we’ll look at choosing sides… Axis and Allied, but who will choose what?

And if any of our readers wish to join our challenge to paint a platoon, please contact me! We can post your photos or even give you a ‘guest-spot’ on this blog!

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