Screaming Eagles Or Not?

Well I suppose an introduction is the best place to start. My name is Paul and I know Guy through our local games club. He mentioned that WS&S were about to commence on project platoon and asked if I would be interested in taking part. That is where it all begins.

I class myself as your average painter and gamer. I’ve collected all sorts of figures in different scales and periods, but mainly a 28mm. I have always wanted to do a WW2 force, but have never actually got around to doing one. So this it seems is the ideal time. Knowing what unit and figures I was going to use for a platoon, all that was needed was the oppurtunity and that has now arisen.

So my choice of force is or better still, was the 101st Airborne. After seeing the TV series Band of Brothers, I knew this is the way to go. I say was, because the figures I am using are completely made up of Artizans range for two reasons. Firstly, I’d bought some second hand and secondly just because I love the figures. To me, they are full of character and reckon they will be fairly nice and easy to paint.

But as Jasper wants the project to be based loosely around Market Garden my first problem arose. The uniform is the wrong issue, the 101st were issued the new M1943 paratrooper uniform before there jump into Holland. Now normally I wouldnt let that sort of thing bother me, but as this is a project set around Market Garden it would only be right and proper to do it as accurately as possible.

So after looking on the internet I came across a unit, the 504th PIR that actually jumped into Holland and were the first allied paratroopers to land during the operation. Not only were they the first to land but apparently they were the only complete battalion that jumped in the old M1942 uniform. The reason for this is that the 504th didnt make the jump in Normandy because there numbers were reduced during previous actions and they were stood down until they could be reinforced. So, ok not the 101st but the 504th of the 82nd Airborne.

So my plan is to complete a platoon for a period I have wanted to do for sometime and as it seems everyone else is including armour, perhaps research a little more into the British armour that followed up on the drop in support and maybe add some heavy stuff to go along with my Airborne.

So The ‘Devils in Baggy Pants’ will soon be gracing my paint station. Until next time thank you for reading and hopefully I shall have something to show off pretty soon.


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