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Base coated berserkersLast weekend I took the time to work on the first of my Viking warriors. Though my concentration was tested by the new boxer puppy my in-laws had scampering around, I managed to create something I was reasonably pleased with.

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I was figuring out how I should tackle the basing of my miniatures. Well, I tackled my basing in three different ways, but I am still not sure which method I like best. The first method I used was just sticking some grit to the base. Then I gave the entire miniature, including the grit, a layer of primer and worked from there. It was quite a useful method because it allowed me to practice painting stones. I finished the base with some flock to fill in the empty spaces surrounding the figure.Figures with some paint added

For the next figure I tried my hand at some minor sculpting. For this I used some modelling clay I had laying around and I used a hobby knife and an old toothbrush as my sculpting tools. With the knife I created some sharp grooves, trying to imitate jutting pieces of rock. On the rest of the surface I used the toothbrush to gently mark the clay hoping to create a mix between rubble and grass. After priming and painting the base and figure I used some flock and grit to give it a more exciting feel.

The finished berserkers on their basesThe last figure just got the regular primer, paint, flock-and-grit-treatment; nevertheless, I think it came out all right. Having finished these three warriors, I cannot say I have a favoured method of basing my miniatures. Still, I think sculpting the base with some modelling clay gives me the opportunity to create something entirely different every time.

With that in mind, I cannot wait to try my hand at some green stuff sculpting. I have always liked customising and creating new things and this berserker squad gives me some artistic freedom to do so. I might add some skulls on spikes or other gory details; they are a bunch of ruthless warriors after all!

If you have any tips, websites or other sources on sculpting with green stuff that you found really useful, let me know!

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