The Empire strikes

My children are not interested in my wargames hobby. Fortunately, my figures don’t disappear to pop up in their Playmobil collection or as artefacts in their sandbox. They are careless though. And evil. So it wasn’t a big surprise when last weekend my unsuspecting Continentals became mixed up in a shoot-out between Lego Star Wars Shadow Troopers and a tribe of diabolic Minions. When the dust settled I counted 10 artillerymen KIA and 1 MIA. I have to start all over again.

But they need not have died in vain if through their sacrifice they have inspired others worldwide to come forward and learn of the oppression of the redcoats, and to raise fresh legions of plastic and pewter to come and help. Anyway, time to give my head some peace and perhaps belly a pint of cold cider!

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