Think Pink! Raising Awareness with an Unconventional KV-1/KV-2

>>Warning: this post will not be to every wargamer's taste.<<
Right. Now that's out of the way, please allow me to share what I've been intermittently working on for the last few weeks: a bright pink KV-1/KV-2 model in 1/56: This idea comes originally from a friend of mine in Iowa, USA. His grandmother - Dana - developed breast cancer, so Sam's mum asked him to paint one of his tanks pink, to raise awareness. The idea grew, more folks got involved, and charitable donations to help in the fight against breast cancer started rolling in, under the phrase "Paint it Pink for Her".

Paint it Pink for Her.

I'm lucky enough not to have had anyone close to me suffer with breast cancer, but I have a wife, and two daughters, and aunts, and... and... guess what: men can develop breast cancer too (according to the US CDC, about 1 in 100 diagnoses are in men). So I wanted to do my bit when the right idea came along for a tank in 1/56, as that's the scale in which I do most of my WW2 gaming. So here it is. The plastic model is by Warlord Games, and the absolutely superb Soviet female crew are from Bad Squiddo: I'm not an award-winning painter, but I'm competent enough, and over the coming week or so I intend to give away this model through a Bolt Action facebook group* by random selection to whomever needs or would like it and is willing to agree to three simple conditions:
  • they'll actually use it often on the tabletop without a repaint,
  • they'll explain the rationale to anyone who asks why it's pink, and
  • when they're done with it, they'll gift it to someone else under the same conditions.
My hope is that any discussion arising from an incongruously anachronistic pink tank will help to raise awareness of the importance of regularly self- or screen-checking for tell-tale signs of any potential cancers - something that (in UK society at least) is still just not talked about enough. Ideally, someone faced with the daunting, time-consuming and expensive prostpect of starting a Soviet force will be able to make use of this behemoth until such a time as they have their own painted which point they can pay it forward under the same conditions and continue to get people thinking about uncomfortable conversations and checking themselves. Postage will be free, although the recipient will be invited to make an appropriate contribution in lieu to a charity working with oncology. Of course there's a risk that someone will just grab a free tank and repaint it. Of course there's the chance that someone might scoop up a freebie and then not be comfortable fielding it. Naturally, someone might not remember to pass it on, and it'll languish unloved at the bottom of an army case somewhere... ...But I hope not. I have faith in the good intentions and selfless generosity of my fellow hobbyists, as I've seen time and time and time again. Thank you for your time, and for getting this far - especially if pink tanks just aren't for you! - Chris (*please note: this is me acting as a private individual - not as a representative of WS&S or Karwansaray)

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