Unboxing The Battle of Berlin

At Warfare 2017, I purchased the shiny new Warlord Games 'Battle for Berlin' boxed set.

The Battle of Berlin boxed set.

It literally gives you everything you'll need to fight out the final chapter of World War 2 - the taking of Berlin by Soviet forces. Well, pretty much everything! There's a collector's edition should you need more.

A Kingtiger, two Iosef Stalin 2s and a Borgward Wanze.

The box gives you a massive 87 infantry, 48 Russian (a mixture of winter and standard plastic Soviets) and 37 German (a mixture of plastic Waffen SS and Panzergrenadiers plus metal Volkssturm and Hitler Youth), plus four tanks (two Soviet IS2s, a King Tiger and a Borgward Wanze).

Better have the glue handy!

Then there is the resin scenery: shell craters, a knocked out SdKfz 250 Neu, a fallen eagle and the special vignette, hoisting the flag over the Reichstag.

The special vignette has metal parts to add.

Here's a close up of the finished and painted Vignette, taken from the Warlord games site. That gives a better picture of what it looks like assembled. I hope to get mine looking as good as this.

The set includes two useful barricade sets. Four more are provided in the collector's edition.

The buildings in the box are excellent. They are from Italeri and while they may have been originally scaled for 20mm, they work for fine for 28mm. They also have internal rooms, so troops can be placed on each floor.

The Italeri plastic building with 28mm troops.

The collector's edition adds more to this. Two more of the plastic buildings, more scenery including tank traps & barbed wire, a dug in Panther and even more troops (another 78!). Sure, the box might be pricey at £200, but you do get a great deal for your money. I can see this being an excellent joint purchase by two friends or for a club to share.


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