Unboxing Dead Man's Hand Redux

At Hammerhead 2024, the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team picked up the new boxed set from Great Escape Games, Dead Man's Hand ReduxMany envious eyes were upon us as we left the GEG stall with this box under our arms. So what does this new starter set contain? Let's find out...

For the uninitiated, Dead Man's Hand is a skirmish game set in the Old West, which pitches two rival factions against each other in an old-fashioned shoot-out! These are a revised set of the original rules, which are now a decade old. The original was released in 2013.

The boxed set contains three plastic buildings, 15 gunfighters plus bases, dice, and scatter terrain. All the rules and counters you'll need are included.

Despite the contents being plastic, the box had some heft to it. Upon opening it, we could see why. That's a lot of plastic! Thankfully, instructions were on hand to help with the assembly. Now, where was my modelling knife and plastic glue?

The main weight in the box was the three plastic buildings. These are very sturdy when constructed and have removable roofs. A set of boardwalks was also included. Three is a good number, good enough to make up a simple street. The buildings are also the same size as the 4Ground range GEG stock, so they'll fit perfectly with existing collections.

The terrain comes with some street scatter, useful for cover or for stocking some of the stores. And, of course, you get a copy of the new rulebook and all the dice you need to play.

The game also has some very cool MDF tokens for markers and a cool set of the playing cards you need for the game. These come in a clever 'matchbox' like case for storage. No more loose cards! 

Overall, this is a very nice set with a lot in it. The starter set will retail for £90.00.

The worst thing, though, was handing over all the contents of the entire boxed set to our one group of playtesters. Expect a full 'Lets Play' of Dead Man's Hand Redux in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 130.

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