A visit to MDF wonderland

There is a fairly large warehouse near Sutton Veny. I visited this strange place last week which emanates the distinct smell of burnt wood and the strange hum of half a dozen lasers hard at work. This was the 'not so secret' headquarters of 4Ground.

American Diner - Part of the Homeland Apocalypse range.

I was there to find out about their venture into both miniature production and fantasy wargaming - Legend of the Fabled Realms, due to be run as a Kickstarter in June.

The American diner interior. Cool huh?

You can read more about Fabled Realms in issue 90 of WS&S. The next magazine is due out in May (but released early at Salute). While I was at 4Ground, they allowed me to take a few photos of other projects they were working on.

More American buildings. All they are missing are US flags flying!

I'd like to claim that these sneak peek photos were taken as part of some kind of undercover stealth mission, but no. They let me snap away!

Samurai building designed for 32mm Bushido. Should do for 28mms too.

So here you go. Some of the very interesting projects 4Ground have on the go. I'd best not say too much or they won't ask me back again!

Part of a palisade wall for Mordanburg.

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