WSS 2022 Advent calendar!

For Advent this year, you'll be able to follow the WS&S team as they paint a project from start to finish. Modest projects by some standards, to be sure, but we'll hope you find it interesting to follow along. This is part of a broader Karwansaray advent calendar effort, about which more below.

Mark Backhouse will be tackling a unit of Oldhammer dwarfs: 

Various Oldhammer dwarfs in a sad state

At the Warfare show a week or so ago I stumbled on this bag of Oldhammer goodies on the bring and buy. The bag was £15, so not too much and I recognised the rather glossy figures inside as from the Warhammer Regiments plastic set. For gamers of a certain age this has a nostalgia level that couldn’t be ignored. I’ve been picking these up on eBay for considerably more, so was rather pleased with the deal. Inside it was nearly all complete. Missing one Wood Elf archer and a Goblin, but 58 figures were there plus a few spare bases. I’ve decided for this challenge to paint up the Dwarf warriors. They are a bit worse for wear and the paint job is in need of a complete overhaul. But saving old tatty figures and giving them a fresh lease of life on a budget is my speciality! Let’s see what I can do with them!

Guy Bowers is aiming for the stars, or at least a bullseye:

In World War 2, Bersaglieri recruits were chosen for their physical fitness and ability to shoot. They were famous for wearing black capercaillie feathers on their helmets and were primarily armed with the Carcano M1891 or M1938 carbine with integral bayonet.

The models I am using are primarily are the new plastic Bersaglieri with a few metal models mixed in. I also have added a few parts from the Atlantic WW2 Italian kit to make some unique hybrid models.

My plan is to make a section of approximately eight men, plus some command and a support weapon, so a dozen or more models in total. If I have time, I might throw a vehicle into the mix. 

Chris King is turning Vietnamese:

Having neither painted nor even played with Vietnam-era miniatures before, this really is something of a departure for Chris! He was a little daunted at first by the prospect of painting 1/56 scale tiger stripe camouflage, but editor Guy has saved the day with a squad of PAVN - mostly green then, much to Chris’ relief! 

The squad is mostly composed of Rubicon Models’ brand new PAVN (NVA) multi-part plastic boxed miniatures, with an extra man and a DShK team from Empress Miniatures. The poses on the Rubicon minis are great - very dynamic and suggestive of cautiously advancing without appearing hunched, which Chris really likes. The Empress team are very much of their normal top quality, with those crisply sculpted features we all know and love from the hands of Paul Hicks.

The minis are based on a combination of Rubicon and Warlord plastic bases which have been filled by Chris’ custom mix of brown paint and ready filler before being primed grey with Halfords’ rattlecan auto primer. 

Jasper Oorthuys' contribution might be entitled: 'Straight outta Detroit':

Two Sherman models and an M5 tank model, all unpaintedI'm a great fan of the Rubicon Sherman series. I had an M4A3 built in the stash for a while and an M4A1 crying out for some love too. So one rainy November afternoon, I put that together, and an M5 (Rubicon as well) for good measure. All the spare parts allowed for an extra turret so I'll be able to field two 76mm Shermans, and have an optional 75mm and 105mm turret. Obviously, these will be a feast of Olive Drab and to make them less, well, drab, I added crew figures, a bunch of stowage, and I'll have to try and make the OD look more varied than a single coat of green. Should be a fun challenge!

Karwansaray Advent calendars - yes, plural!

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