WSS Podcast 63: Always more rules

Start May right with a WSS Podcast! The news this time is blessedly short(!), as are the team updates, but Guy had a good interview with Warwick Kinrade, author of the new Soldiers of Napoleon.


Good luck with these Warwick. No other ‘card driven’ rules? I’m thinking Piquet, and Sam Mustafa has Lasalle and Blücher. But you don’t need that as a reason – all new rules should be welcome in our hobby. Choosing the right rulebook is a pleasure in itself, and with the internet it is easy to get an idea of what’s available.

A wide choice of rules is part of the hobby and always has been – it’s just that nowadays they can be published in a high quality format and be widely available, rather than being a bunch of typewritten pages stapled together and only shared amongst a few friends. I’m sure ‘Soldiers of Napoleon’ will sell well.

Keith Flint

Thank you for the podcast it was fun to hear about the new “much needed” Napoleonic rules!


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