Warlord plastic 8th Army

The latest plastic set from Warlord Games is their 8th Army set, available as a Starter Army (with metal support options) or a 30 figure boxed set.

The boxed set contains five frames of plastic troops. Each frame has six torsos and an assortment of weapons. There are enough rifles for each model. Also included are two Thompson SMGs, two Bren LMGs, a Webley pistol, a 2" mortar and a Boys AT rifle. Plastic bases are provided as standard.

The models remind me of the old soft plastic Airfix 1/72 scale kits and these are certainly a homage to these old sets, with the bonus of being far more flexible and customisable.

Heads are provided for the British helmet, the Scottish beret, and for Sikh (turban and beard) & Punjab (khulla & pagri headgear) troops.

Size wise, these are on the larger side of 28mm, so compatible with larger ranges. The weapons are notably quite large, which makes them far more durable than the previous plastic British infantry set.

While designed for the Western Desert, these models could be used in other actions, such as the invasions of Syria, Somalia & Iraq, and the 14th Army in Burma.

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