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Tutankamun's modern fame often overshadows the truly unique period in Egyptian history that directly proceeded his reign. Akhenaten founded an entirely new capital and religion, which vanished almost as quickly as it had appeared.

Theme: The reign of Akhenaten

  • John Coleman Darnell and Colleen Darnell, 'The reign of Egypt's golden couple - Akhenaten and Nefertiti'.
  • Briana C. Jackson, 'The sun-disc, creator of the world - Aten, the sole god'.
  • Anneka Mihajlov, 'A new city founded for a new god - Akhetaten'.
  • Jona Lendering, 'A woman from Byblos in the Amarna letters - The Ummahnu affair'.
  • Arlette David, 'The image of power during Akhenaten's reign - Representing the Aten'.
  • Sean Manning, 'Destruction and rediscovery - The legacy of Akhenaten'.


  • Jona Lendering, 'An ancient Marco Polo - The lost story of Maes Titianus'.
  • Murray Dahm, 'The Persian king's breakfast and Alexander the Great - "Eat like a king"'.
  • Trevor J. Davis, 'Orosius' Historiae and Late Antique Christian identity in the Roman empire'.
  • Manon Henzen, 'Soak them, mash them, stick them in a sauce - Pears in antiquity'.
  • Robert Nouwen, 'A monument near Monaco - The Tropaeum Augusti'.

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