Ancient Warfare X.4

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Kingdoms and empires occupied geographical territories that had to be defended against rivals and trouble-makers.

Theme: Wars at the edge of empires

  • Josho Brouwers, 'Wars at the edge of empires - Historical introduction'.
  • Sean Manning, 'The Achaemenid storehouse at Arad - Reading potsherds'.
  • Manousos E. Kambouris, 'On the borders of the Hittite Empire - The Trojan War'.
  • Gareth Williams, 'Finding weaknesses in the Assyrian Empire - Rebellious borders'.
  • Marc. G. DeSantis, 'Nero's long war for Armenia - Corbulo the good soldier'.
  • Sidney E. Dean, 'The Roman amphibious expedition of 12 BC - To the shores of the German Sea'.
  • Andrei Pogacias, 'The Roman Limes north of the Danube - Defending Dacia'.
  • Béla Santa, 'The Romans' barbarian defensive line - The Csörsz or Devil's Dike'.
  • Ian Ross, 'The last Roman campaigns in North Britain - Pictos victos, hostis deleta'.


  • Justin Swanton, 'The Macedonian cavalry wedge - Knife through butter'.
  • Duncan B. Campbell, 'Elite strike force or honour guard - The Praetorian Guard of Rome'.
  • Graham Sumner, 'The Roman army on screen, part 5 - Ben-Hur (1959)'.

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