Lard Magazine 6 - 2023 (PDF)

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A monumental volume with over 250 digital pages of Lard.

  • Maltese falcone
    Chain of Command set during a ‘what if’ invasion of Malta

  • Canadians at Courcelettte
    Great War action, for both Through the Mud and the Blood and CoCing Up

  • The liberation of Narvik
    A Pint-Sized Campaign for Norway 1940

  • In Goth we trust
    Goths for Infamy Infamy!

  • Fire and Manoeuvre!
    Tactical insights for Chain of Command

  • Because we're here, lad!
    Rorke’s Drift using Sharp Practice

  • Eureka! Going Greek with Strength & Honour
    Ancient Greeks using Strength & Honour

  • The Battle of the Medway
    A scenario for Strength & Honour

  • Black and white wargames
    Night and Winter fighting in Chain of Command

  • The Punic Wars with Midgard
    Using Midgard Heroic Battles in the ancient world.

  • The Battle of Vercellae
    The Romans take on the Cimbri in this scenario for Strength & Honour

  • The Poles drop in
    A Half-Pint-Sized Campaign for Chain of Command

  • Across the Aure
    Normandy scenario for O Group as the US 115th Infantry attempt to liberate Briqueville.

  • The Battle for Pharsalus
    Caesar goes head to head with Pompey in this Strength & Honour scenario.

  • Raiding the Wilderness
    1777 AWI scenario for Sharp Practice

  • What a Gangster!
    What a Cowboy in the world of 1920s Gangsters

  • A Green and Brown Hell
    A Hurtgen Forest Pint-Sized Campaign for Chain of Command

  • Solo COC attack SID for PSC’s
    Further developments on the SID Solo CoC system in Lard Magazine 2020.

  • Bag the Bok!
    Eight scenarios for Bag the Hun as the South African Air Force battle the Italians for air supremacy over Eastern Africa.

  • It's all about the base!
    Some tools and tips on making bases that will give your figures that extra wow factor!

  • Blimus! Cannae build a game for Salute?
    Creating a landscape for the battle of Cannae

  • What a Tanker – with blokes!
    Not all games of What a Tanker are about tanks.

  • The defence of Hazebrouck
    1940 Chain of Command scenario

  • Down in the valley
    Quế Sơn Valley in 1967 scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf!

  • General d'Armee II
    What to expect in the forthcoming new edition of these popular Napoleonic rules.

  • Gunfight at the O.K.Corral
    A classic shoot-out scenario for What a Cowboy

  • La Petite Guerre
    Large skirmishes in the Champlain-Hudson Corridor 1756-1759 for Sharp Practice

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    Another classic scenario for What a Cowboy

  • A brother from another mother
    Inspiration from role-playing games to enhance your narrative wargaming.

  • Portents of victory
    Using omens in Strength & Honour

  • The road from Mandalay
    The Indian Army taking on the Japanese in Burma with Chain of Command


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