Medieval World 1

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The Holy Roman Empire at the end of the Middle Ages was fragmented and in conflict, yet also experienced many cultural and artistic developments.

Theme: The Holy Roman Empire in the Late Middle Ages

  • Duncan Hardy, "The Late Medieval Holy Roman Empire: Imperial Visions and Local Realities," 14-21.
  • Peter Konieczny, "The Last Knight: The Life and Legacy of Emperor Maximilian I," 22-25.
  • Alice Isabella Sullivan, "Imperial Splendour: Armour and Regalia of the Holy Roman Emperors," 26-27.
  • Albert Winkler, "The Battle of Dornach: Swiss Pike Put a Stop to the Swabian War," 28-37.
  • Stephen Lahey, "The Hussites: Warfare and Reform in Bohemia," 38-43.
  • Atineh Movsesian, "The Monuments of Artsakh: Documents of History, Culture, and Religion," 8-9.
  • Thomas Lockley, "Yasuke: An African Samurai in Japan," 10-13.
  • Ellora Bennett, "Destroyers and Protectors: Early Medieval British Warriors," 44-47.
  • Manon Henzen, "Only 194 Dishes to Go: Lunch for the Emperor," 48-49. 
  • Kathryn Walton, "Putting a Ring on It: Magical Rings in Medieval Legend," 50-53.
  • Vicky McAlister, "Conwy and Harlech: The Welsh Castles of Edward I," 54-57.

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