Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 126

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On December 7th, 1941, Japan launched an attack that turned a decade-long conflict in China into vast conflagration. Japanese forces soon invaded British and Dutch colonial holdings in the Far East and, within months, they were on the doorstep of Australia.

Theme: The Far East during World War II
  • Richard Clarke, 'Gaming the Pacific and Far East WWII - The Empire of the Sun'.
  • Mark Backhouse, 'A half-pint campaign for Chain of Command - Water Tower Hill'.
  • Joe Bilton, 'The U.S. Marine Corps evacuation at Point Cruz - "Did they get off?"'
  • Rick Hudson, 'The Allied recapture of Rangoon, May 1945 - Operation Dracula'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'Building forces for the Pacific War - Ten Thousand years!'
  • Barry Evans, 'Painting a diorama for a Far East theme - The forgotten war'.
  • David Davies, 'Henry VIII of England versus Louis XII of France - The Battle of the Spurs'.
  • John Savage, '"Of mistletoe and oak:" part II of the campaign - Celtic fury'.
  • David Hiscocks, 'A very horsey campaign for the English Civil War - For king & kingdom'.
  • Chris King, 'Our notes on running a France 1940 campaign - Dispatches from the front'. 
  • Mark Wolley, 'A simple guide to horses using contrast paints - Horses for courses'.
  • Joe Bilton, 'Scratch-building a traditional German tavern - Zur Hoell (go to hell!)'.
  • Miniature reviews
  • Richard Clarke, 'Up front - Defeat into victory'.
  • David Hiscocks, 'The Irregular - The 3d printing revolution'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'Firelock Games' Blood & Plunder goes medieval - Let's play Blood & Crowns'.
  • Chris King, 'A rootin', tootin', shootin' time in the Wild West - Let's play What a Cowboy!'
  • Guy Bowers, Eoghan Kelly, and Chris King, 'Game reviews - Tales of Men, Myths & Monsters, Bolt Action Campaign - Italy: Tough Gut, Mad for War, and The Doomed'.
  • Book reviews
  • Parting shots


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