When in Rome…

Last Friday, I finally had the chance to play Gangs of Rome with Rossco W. We had a great time!

The rules and miniatures had only arrived the day before, so I had to do some improvisation. The official miniatures are lovely but require some construction, as they come with various head and weapon options. I simply didn't have the time to build ten gang members and the mobs required, never mind paint them.

Instead, I used a pile of old miniatures I had (some gladiators and scratch-built Jewish revolt), so we played with two sets of fully painted miniatures (well, almost!).

We both picked two gangs up to 120 Denarii and chose the Temple of Mars scenario, represented by the slightly un-Roman Ziggurat. Rossco tried a two-prong manoeuvre but I simply headed for one of the prongs and focussed all my force against them. One of his gang members had a bow, which caused some damage but I grabbed the token I needed from the body of one of his gang.

What followed next was a run for the top of the Ziggurat. My leader staggered to the top but not before getting an arrow in the back! However with two wounds remaining, he could crawl into the temple. At this point Rossco conceded.

In conclusion, we had a fun and furious game. Next time, Rossco will have a better idea of what works with both his gang and his denarii coins. My gang will be waiting for him...

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